Fountainhead Investment Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage companies led by driven entrepreneurs. Our focus is to assist with developing go-to-market commercialization strategies with solid margins so they can create strong organizations to support accelerated growth.

Fountainhead Investment Partners was founded as an angel fund in 2014 with a vision to connect advancing technologies in order to solve some of medicines’ most complex issues. In 2015, Fountainhead transitioned to a venture capital firm, with initial funds focused on companies that are accessing innovative technologies from all industries and applying them to the science of medicine with the intention of disrupting the industry while advancing patient care.

Fountainhead’s initial funds focus investments in the areas of:
•    Medical Devices
•    Surgical Tools
•    Multicellular Biologics
•    Regenerative Technologies
•    Knowledge Management
•    3D Printing

Our team works diligently to identify innovative early stage companies led by passionate, experienced teams that are looking to challenge the status quo.

Portfolio managers identify select investment opportunities in early stage growth companies by evaluating new investment opportunities through independent research focused on assessing the potential scale of the intellectual property, the entrepreneurial team’s leadership and execution abilities and the investment potential at different acquisition prices.